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Guitar times five

Music from Tricity is never predictable: times of shortage are followed by sudden abundance. Spring has yielded a crop of records in very different genres. I’ve chosen five guitar-based bands: both heavy and light, song-based and instrumental. Here they are, in non-random order.

Drums meet electronica

Three brilliant connections of percussion with electronic sounds. Wojtek Kurek combines the sound of the instrument with electronics and records his best solo performance. Max Jaffe use sensory percussion to create unobvious rhythmic music. Tiger Village sampling percussion in many ways and creates a colorful musical cocktail.

Amirtha Kidambi: music of reaction

I basically felt that even on a personal level, for myself and my own sanity, on “From Untruth” I needed to express some things very directly. I love abstract and instrumental music and improvising without lyrics, but there’s something about the moment and what is happening that made me want to put out some kind of a reaction.

Fugues of the year

“Fugues” is a turn towards simplicity and the possibilities it offers as well as a brilliant look at guitar traditions, distilling their essence. Yet this is by no means a minimalist work: the multitude of tracks and arrangement ideas create a densely woven narrative, This is an album you really have to engage in and find time for.

Playing with Places

MY DISCO have given up on rhythm to enter the sphere of industrial and musique concrète, while Black Bombaim engage in a creative collaboration with electronic artists. Yet what comes to the fore on the two records are the locations where they were created.

The Sienkiewicz trilogy: required listening

When Jacek Sienkiewicz reaches for the abstract instead of the 4/4 metre, his music becomes more dense. Individual pieces are intriguingly multi-layered, though still forming a coherent whole. This is a work of inspired precision: despite the many analogies, each record from the newly released trilogy showcases a different aspect of the musician.