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Grzegorz Tarwid: out of piano comfort zone

– Piano doesn’t have to be a beautiful instrument with a Steinway concert hall sound, but it can be a piano that sounds like it came out of an old movie. This happens when it imitates another instrument – not a keyboard instrument, but a percussion or guitar instrument. This is how piano music can be rediscovered – says Grzegorz Tarwid, pianist and composer.

Mary Halvorson: playing with traditions

– The more time passed, the more women I would meet and play with. And these days it’s not uncommon for me to play in bands where women outnumber men. The more women doing it, the more younger girls starting out, having someone to look up to and feeling less of a boys’ club – says composer and guitarist, Mary Halvorson.

Kate NV: magical ordinariness

– Victor Pivovarov works about Moscow describe the reality, routine and ordinary life, but at the same there’s something very strange about his paintings. There’s a pencil, and there’s a house and a tree on it. It’s the same with Sailor Moon – those girls are living their ordinary lives, going to school, doing all the homework, but at the same time they defend the world against violence from other planets. This is the point where Pivovarov, Sailor Moon and fairy tales from the 70s and 80s meet in the same approach. They come together in my music – says singer and composer, Kate NV.

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