Havlovi: now we play four-handed piano

– We have been together for forty years and these years were like a lifetime. We started with two violas da gamba and later played piano and cello on the album Like a Butterfly on your Palm, then added songs on Tenderly to Light. Now we have the time to play four-handed piano – says Vojtěch Havel, a Czech composer and instrumentalist, who plays with Irena Havlová.

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Rewire: different stories

From the lessons of deep listening by Meredith Monk and Ryoji Ikeda, through meditations by Tarta Relena and FUJI|||||||||||TA, the psychedelic journeys of Jameszoo’s Blind Group and Flock, to back to the future with Robert Henke’s Commodores – this year’s Rewire showcased many facets of the contemporary music world that offers different narratives of reality.

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