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The other side of drums

In spite of its near mathematical precision, Sequence is light and spontaneous. The simplicity and self-limitation are captivating, as is the palette of sounds offered by the drums, which Rattle are able to spontaneously and beautifully reveal to us anew.

Gqom in pop

Sho Madjozi sounds best in parts that draw on contemporary influences from her native Limpopo and gqom, like in the aforementioned “Hutu” or “Kona”, with its fresh blend of shangaan electro. These tracks are distinctive and sassy, offering a lighter, wilder and definitely more pop-oriented take at gqom.

Novelty Comes Bottom-Up

Tri-city artists community characteristics include non-formalised activities and a reliance on the DIY method. Another important aspect is the support derived from social relations and the mutual flow of social capital, as well as the independent work of individuals who embrace a variety of tasks and projects, which often have an ephemeral character and exist within certain time frames.