Ornette’s heirs go wild in the Polish countryside.

Lumpeks focuses on a musical encounter between traditional Polish music and jazz idioms: the hypnotic rhythms of mazurkas meet the powerful expression of free improv, and the sinful melodies of obereks find new light in this orchestration. They do not reinterpret but play their way. They look for common points between folk and jazz: swung time, triplet rhythms, frenetic violin playing like free saxophone, paying attention to detail, and improvising. 

You wouldn’t call them a folk band, but rather a reincarnation of Ornette Coleman’s quartet, improvising in the central Poland countryside, with other instruments in the line-up. The group doesn’t just take traditional melodies on which they prepare jazz arrangements. They focus on details and the unique sound of instruments and try to recreate them, playing noisily like country fiddlers, letting themselves be carried away in a jazz manner by the frenzy of folk music.

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