Rewire: different stories

From the lessons of deep listening by Meredith Monk and Ryoji Ikeda, through meditations by Tarta Relena and FUJI|||||||||||TA, the psychedelic journeys of Jameszoo’s Blind Group and Flock, to back to the future with Robert Henke’s Commodores – this year’s Rewire showcased many facets of the contemporary music world that offers different narratives of reality.

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The struggle for identity

Tanya Tagaq doesn’t always sing specific words, sometimes she just makes a sound, builds an echo, a shamanic voice mixed with anger and evoking ghosts of the past. Tongues is an eloquent and very powerful reckoning with Canada’s current post-World War II colonial grip on the Inuits.

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Wojciech Rusin: speculative anthropologist

– An immigrant always negotiates his position in some way. There are different strategies: mixing languages, preserving traditional costumes or seeking a place through speculative anthropology. This works at the university and in a gallery, but I believe it can also provoke something outside of them – says musician and composer, Wojciech Rusin.

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