More and more music is being released and it is easier to listen to it. You don’t have to wait until the record appears in the store and in the ritual of unpacking it at home, you will listen to it for the first time. From the old days of Napster, Soulseeka through streaming services, Soundcloud and Bandcamp, listening and sharing music has never been easier.

What matter most? The amount of music or the quality of it? We want to listen to more and more, and at the same time we have less and less time for it. This is not the age of the walkman and the discman (who remembers?) when one album was tortured indefinitely throughout the day or for a week. Or wait, until the vinyl side ends and you should change it to the next one. Though fortunately, it returns to favor. Streaming allows you to jump between songs, choose as much as you like, but also to focus less on the music itself.

That’s why I want to show you on Nowe idzie od morza (The New come From the Sea or The Change come from the Sea), that you can listen to less but more accurately.

I publish reviews once a week – to have enough time for listening to the record (or records) that I recommend. I started writing about artists from Gdańsk and the surrounding area, where I live, but now I reach every corner of the globe. From South Africa, through the New York scene, Great Britain, free-jazz, Middle East, minimalism and ever-growing rock. But I do not forget about the Tri-City, so once a month I will also pay attention to what is happening here.

In addition to writing about music, it’s fascinating to talk about it – on the first Saturday of the month, please feel welcome to read my interview with the most interesting artists from around the world. Also, take a look at Recommends section in which I suggest the most interesting concerts and festivals (mostly in Poland now), because music is also worth listening to live.


Photo: Renata Dąbrowska

For over a decade, I have been reviewing records from around the world. I am reporting concerts and festivals. I spoke, among others with artists such as  Michael GiraMatana RobertsHailu MergiaJlinKonono no. 1Maja RatkjeLiarsMonolakeMats GustafssonFelix KubinFour TetHorse LordsBatidaJames HoldenThe CaretakerJulia HolterValerio TricoliSelvhenterMeridian BrothersPhilip Jeck i Jenny Hval.

I have been cooperating with since 2007, as well as with the most popular Polish weekly magazine, “Polityka” magazine and Magazyn Szum, devoted to visual arts. I published in the Tri-City branch of “Gazeta Wyborcza” (2007-2008) and the portal, (2008-2012). In 2015, I was nominated for the title of Culture/Bodybuilder of the Year by the editorial office of the Radio House of Culture program in the Polish Radio III Program. In 2017, I became the Cultural Scholarship of the City of Gdańsk.

I organized a series of concerts Nowe goes from the sea, presenting the most interesting Tricity bands: in the post-shipyard areas in Gdansk (together with 100cznia), and also within Tri-City festivals (Streetwaves, Metropolia is Okey, Polish Feature Film Festival in Gdynia). I am one of the curators of the Jazz Jantar festival, and for six years I organized concerts in Klub Żak (including the Festival of New Music Days). As a curator, I co-created a presentation of Gdańsk Friends from the Sea as part of the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016. I work in production teams of the Polish Film Festival and Gdańsk Book Fair.

As a sociologist, I co-created reports such as “Participation of Gdańsk academic youth in the cultural offer of the Tri-City” (2009), “Stadion – Miasto – Kultura. Euro 2012 i przemiany kultury polskiej“(2013, the Gdańsk part of the project), “Kultura – Polityka – Rozwój. O kulturze jako »dźwigni« rozwoju społecznego polskich metropolii i regionów“(2012) and “Trajektorie sukcesu artystycznego. Strategie adaptacji artystów w polu kultury“(2015). I was also a member of the research team, which implemented projects such as “Expanding the Field of Culture” as part of the Obserwatorium kultury of Culture. Diagnosis of the potential of the cultural sector in Gdańsk “(2012),” Contact points: between culture and practice (not) participation “(2014) and” Cultural hierarchy. New distinctions and duties in culture and social stratification “(2016).

I cooperate or cooperate with  Klub ŻakPomorska Fundacja Filmowa, Jednostka Kultury, Miasto GdańskInstytut Kultury MiejskiejNarodowe Centrum KulturyCSW Łaźnia, Fundacja Eclectica, Klub Firlej, Stowarzyszenie Artystyczne Legalna Muzyka, Gdańska Galeria MiejskaInstytut Badań nad Gospodarką RynkowąInstytut Badań Przestrzeni PublicznejKolonia ArtystówFundacja Kultura MiejscaLPPNadbałtyckie Centrum Kultury, 100cznia