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Parallel narratives

Parallel Persia is an epic album, thoroughly thought out in terms of both form and narrative. SOTE delivers a brilliant combination of traditional acoustic sounds and electronica, an impressive sonic synthesis, an innovative look at what futuristic folk may sound like.

Decolonising the improvisation

Amirtha Kidambi’s idiosyncratic vision of improvised music has found a brilliant outlet, informed by new sounds, yet still maintaining its distinctive character. From Untruth ranks among the most interesting, intriguing and poignant musical visions of recent years.

Brazil’s getting heard

In their latest releases, Rakta and Deafkids both redefine their inspirations and approach to broadly understood guitar music. What these two very different records have in common is pushing through the boundaries of their respective genres, resulting in breakthrough, brilliant albums.

Reducing minimalism

Established Polish musicians keep crossing the boundaries of minimalism and furthering their reductionist effort. Mike Majkowski has made the most ascetic record in his career, Lotto have turned towards electronica, and Dynasonic decided to strip their trance repetitions from almost all ornamentation.

Third time lucky

Two important jazz bands from Tricity formed by musicians of the young generation have just released their third records. Algorhythm and Quantum Trio have given us bold and conscious albums, which represent genuine milestones in their careers.

Guitar times five

Music from Tricity is never predictable: times of shortage are followed by sudden abundance. Spring has yielded a crop of records in very different genres. I’ve chosen five guitar-based bands: both heavy and light, song-based and instrumental. Here they are, in non-random order.

Drums meet electronica

Three brilliant connections of percussion with electronic sounds. Wojtek Kurek combines the sound of the instrument with electronics and records his best solo performance. Max Jaffe use sensory percussion to create unobvious rhythmic music. Tiger Village sampling percussion in many ways and creates a colorful musical cocktail.