Shabaka Hutchings: culture as a mirror

– The culture that surrounds you will always have an impact on one’s artistic endeavours since you embody all which you come into direct contact with culturally. Even if this embodiment is manifested in its opposing or mirror image, one’s attempt to negate a surrounding culture will still be formed by the culture itself – speaks the saxophonist and clarinetist Shabaka Hutchings,

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Amirtha Kidambi: music of reaction

I basically felt that even on a personal level, for myself and my own sanity, on “From Untruth” I needed to express some things very directly. I love abstract and instrumental music and improvising without lyrics, but there’s something about the moment and what is happening that made me want to put out some kind of a reaction.

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Maurice Louca: I want to approach the feeling of being in a band

„I became bored with the guitar, so I tried to make it sound like something else. Finally, I got something else – I bought a synthesizer, drum machine and after a few years… I came back to the guitar. If I play it now, I like it to have a clean sound, I don’t use a lot of effects because I actually missed the guitar itself, its sound. On Elephantine I play the guitar again. In a way I think that was kind of being inspired by an instrument again.”

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