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Amirtha Kidambi: music of reaction

I basically felt that even on a personal level, for myself and my own sanity, on “From Untruth” I needed to express some things very directly. I love abstract and instrumental music and improvising without lyrics, but there’s something about the moment and what is happening that made me want to put out some kind of a reaction.

Maurice Louca: I want to approach the feeling of being in a band

„I became bored with the guitar, so I tried to make it sound like something else. Finally, I got something else – I bought a synthesizer, drum machine and after a few years… I came back to the guitar. If I play it now, I like it to have a clean sound, I don’t use a lot of effects because I actually missed the guitar itself, its sound. On Elephantine I play the guitar again. In a way I think that was kind of being inspired by an instrument again.”