New year brings my new column focusing on central and eastern Europe in The Quietus. In first episode I look looks at contemporary electronic sounds, alternative rock and improvised music from Poland.

It is not easy to profile it and not intended to be comprehensive, but this is a taste of what I find most interesting: those with an original approach to electronic music, unconventional methods of improvisation and creative reinterpretations of the guitar canon. Incidentally – and in line with Alvarez’s catchphrase above – Resina releases albums under FatCat’s 130701 imprint, Piotr Kurek plays concerts in Western Europe more often than in his homeland, and Trupa Trupa’s new album will mainly be promoted by tours in the UK and US. 

Future columns will look at other countries in central and eastern Europe.

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Inner Ear: Polish Music For January Reviewed By Jakub Knera