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Polish-Danish music platform

It will be held for the third time, in Poland for the second time, and in Gdansk for the first time. And a month later for the third time in Copenhagen. Idealistic Festival is an initiative of two musicians: Kamil Piotrowicz and Szymon Gąsiorek.

“Idealistic Festival” is a non-genre music festival and international art platform that brings together artists from Denmark and Poland. We present acoustic and electronic music, focusing on the fresh and original sound of the young generation from both countries. We are interested in the radical practice of seeking personal expression. Our programme showcases the breadth of the Baltic scene.

The Polish part of Idealistic Festival #3 will take place at Gdańsk’s Kolonia Artystów on 30.09-03.10.2021. On day one, contemporary classical music performed by oboist Aleksandra Panasik [PL] will be contrasted with the debut show of teenage trap group takeoutthetrash [PL]. Day two will have Rasmus Kjær [DK] present his tourist synthesizer music, after which the local electro-acoustic ensemble Bizarre Penguin [PL] will help us get to grips with the strangeness of being. Saturday marks the debut concert of Piotr Chęcki, wh0wh0 and Hatti Vatti’s new project – Hinode Tapes [PL]. Next up is ioulus [DK], Julia Becker’s solo endeavour: an innovative take at slow-pop and expression of intimate, private life. The Gdańsk part of the festival will end with the brittle, fragile and scary mix of robotic funk from Birthgiving Toad [DK] and young post-jazz ensemble bjkt [bojkot] [PL]

The Gdańsk programme will be accompanied by panel discussions with Jakub Knera (Nowe idzie od morza, Polityka), Darek Pietraszewski (Radio Kapitał, Pointless Geometry) and Michał Hajduk (Adam Mickiewicz Institute), among others.

The Danish part will take place in Copenhagen: on 22.10 at Stairway and 30.10 at Mayhem. Apart from noise-rockers BYEBYE Tsunami [IT/DK/LV] from Copenhagen, Maja Laura [PL] will be there to present her debut solo album. We will also hear contemporary composers of visionary electronic music from Poland: Aleksandra Słyż [PL], Galuschka [PL] and Julek Ploski [PL]. The line-up is completed with the experimental pop project Vera3 [DK], Anne Efternøler [DK] in an abstract solo trumpet concert and the punk-jazz quintet RASP Lovers [PL].

Kolonia Artystów, Gdańsk

30.09 / Czwartek
20.00 Aleksandra Panasik [PL]
21.00 takeoutthetrash [PL]

1.10 / Piątek

18.30 Panel Dyskusyjny: Strategie podboju świata. Jak scena niezależna odnajduje się na rynku europejskim? (Jakub Knera, Kasia Jaroch, Michał Hajduk)
20.00 Rasmus Kjær – Turist [DK]
21.00 Bizzarre Penguin [PL]

2.10 / Sobota
18.30 Czy w rynku muzycznym jest jeszcze możliwy idealizm, miejsce na indywidualne poszukiwania i bezkompromisowość? Dyskusja Irka Wojtczaka i Andrzeja Kalinowskiego.
20.00 Hinode Tapes
21.00 ioulus [DK]

3.10 / Niedziela 
20.00 Birthgiving Toad [DK]
21.00 bjkt [PL]


22.10 Stairway
Galuschka [PL]
Maja Laura [PL]
Byebye Tsunami [IT/DK/LV]
Aleksandra Słyż [PL]

30.10 Mayhem

Anne Efternøler [DK]
Vera3 [DK]
RASP Lovers [PL]
Julek Ploski [PL]


The festival was founded in 2019 on the initiative of two musicians: Kamil Piotrowicz (Kamil Piotrowicz Sextet, Wojtczak/Piotrowicz, LAWAAI, Howard Records) and Szymon Gąsiorek (Pimpono Ensemble, E/I, Czajka & Puchacz, Love & Beauty Music). During their studies at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, they observed a number of grassroots initiatives in their environment, which tried to promote uncompromising original music. These efforts often seemed lonely and their reach was rather limited, prompting Piotrowicz and Gąsiorek to create a platform that would unite them and strengthen the alternative, independent music scene. The aim of this international exchange is to broaden the impact of valuable, innovative music in the existing art environment of both countries. The festival’s core are concerts by Danish and local bands in Poland and the other way round – a showcase of Polish artists in Copenhagen backed with local projects from Denmark. As a result, Polish listeners can experience art created in Denmark and vice versa, in a process of mutual inspiration with the differences resulting from the cultural and geographic distance between Scandinavia and Central and Eastern Europe.