Tremor Festival announces the first artists of this year’s edition. From Brazilian tropicalia, through Ugandan rap to British experiments.

Happening in the middle of the Atlantic, Tremor is a place of searching for identity: of the musicians who play there, local cultures and what a festival can be in a globalised world.

The Azores are not Madeira – this disclaimer is for the sake of readers who might want to succumb to stereotypes and imagine an archipelago of sandy beaches packed with deckchairs and tourists.

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Tremor’s organizers and curators have a broad-looking approach to their line-up, which spans electronica, free music, tribal sounds, guitar traditions, folk and ethnic music. Like a micro-scale Primavera Sound, long before it turned into a mass commercial event. Instead of alternative stars, it offers interesting names and a strong representation of the Portuguese scene.


  • 33EMYBW
  • Angélica Salvi
  • Anna Meredith
  • Conferência Inferno
  • The Dirty Coal Train
  • Ferro Gaita
  • Gabber Modus Operandi
  • GIO (Giovani Cidreira)
  • Goldfish & Good in Da’Hood & Huntz Huntz
  • Gonzo
  • Instituto Fonográfico Tropical
  • Juana Molina
  • Kathryn Joseph
  • Ko Shin Moon
  • La FLAMA Blanca
  • Larry Gus
  • Lena d’Água
  • Luis Gil Bettencourt I
  • Mario Raposo Music
  • Madmadmad
  • Mc Yallah & Debmaster
  • Milhafre & Gaivota
  • Pelada
  • Push 1 stop & Wiklow
  • RomeroMartín
  • Samuel Martins Coelho
  • Sessa
  • Solar Corona
  • Vanishing Twin
  • Warmduscher

On São Miguel, halfway between the US and Europe, that music does something more: it speak about a place to whose traditions I know I will want to come back. A festival thus understood not only presents music, but transmits culture, also in a novel form. It offers something more than entertainment – and this ‘added value’ really speaks volumes, even for visitors from the other end of Europe.