Sanatorium of Sound is a festival devoted to experimental contemporary music and broadly understood sound art. Its main aim is to present possibly the widest spectre of phenomena related to the development of musical forms in 20th and 21st centuries. So far we presented realisations of about 120 artists from all over the world. Many of them were created especially for the context of the place during artistic residencies in Sokołowsko.

Sanatorium Dźwięku Festival does not only include concerts but also an array of realisations from the border of sound art, performance and projects created and dedicated especially to this event by musicians, composers and interdisciplinary artists. The festival takes place in a few places in Sokołowsko: Movie theatre Zdrowie, Multimedia Hall, Spring Park or the ruins of 19th century sanatorium.

This year’s edition of festival is all about music and medicine. Along with Musica Sanae we will be exploring the long-existing interconnections between medicine and sound, between science and mysticism, between research and speculation. Dozens of musicians, artists, theorists and researchers are meeting under the umbrella of Musica Sanae to report on their own investigations in the area. Some of them will use medical tools while others will do with medical treatments, procedures and beliefs; we will have illnesses and medical cases examined, scientific research turned into music strategies; viruses sonified and hallucination enacted; and all this in Sokołowsko – a unique place of great importance for the history of medicine and medical architecture.

Among invited artists there are such names as:
Luciano Chessa (IT / US), Erik Bunger (S / DE), Les Enerves (IT), Aspec(t) (IT), Rudolf (SUI), Barbara Majewska (PL), Michał Libera (PL), Olivier Di Placido (FR), Maria Della Morte (IT), Testcard (GB / DE), Anthony Pateras (AUS) with Chiara Mallozzi (IT), Riccardo La Foresta (IT), Tiziana Bertoncini (IT / A), Lucio Capece (ARG / DE), Gerard Lebik (PL), Mike Majkowski (AUS / DE), Hacklander / Hatam (AUS / IRN / DE), Felicia Atkinson (FR), Carl Michael von Hauswolff (S), Sound Message Duo (FR), Rashad Becker (DE), Peter Ablinger (AT), Audrey Chen (US), Biuro Dźwięku Katowice and others.